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Please contact our office if there is a report that you would like to review that is not listed below. 

Raymond Basin Annual Reports 

The Raymond Basin Management Board, as Watermaster, is pleased to submit these reports on water supply conditions in the Raymond Basin.

They are prepared annually in accordance with the provisions of the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles Judgment in the City of Pasadena vs. City of Alhambra, et al., Case No. Pasadena C-1323. The Watermaster utilizes the services of the Raymond Basin Staff, Stetson Engineers and Geoscience Support Services Inc. to prepare the annual reports. These reports summarize the Watermaster work, conditions of groundwater supply, water use, storage, groundwater replenishment, as well as give a financial summary for the fiscal year.


The Raymond Basin Staff wishes to acknowledge and express appreciation for the assistance and support received from the public and private parties and the individuals whose contributions were essential to the preparation of these reports. Hard copies of Annual Reports are available for review at the Raymond Basin Management Board offices at 725 N. Azusa Avenue, Azusa, CA, 91702. 

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